Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

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The perfect mess 

A traffic chaos like in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi has never occurred to me.
In Vietnam traffic seems to consist only of scooters.

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How to cross a street in Vietnam?

You often wait in vain for gaps in traffic.
How can you still cross a street safely when there is no traffic light in sight? That someone stops is impossible. So what to do?

If possible, look for a quiet part of the road. If in doubt, go a few meters further and cross the street in a different, safe place.

Then wait until as few vehicles as possible come towards you and then you go ahead.


The emphasis here, however, is clearly on “going”, not running.
If you walk slowly, the drivers can assess your behavior and react accordingly.

Do not stand still and above all do not make any sudden movements or even start running.

A good method is to cross the street with locals and to orientate yourself at their pace.